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Alright so I have a confession to make, my obsession with tea tree oil is growing! I love using tea tree oil as a spot treatment on blemishes, and occasionally adding it to moisturizers. But now I have also been adding a few drops to my favorite mask, and I'm loving the shampoo products that include tea tree. 
I was happy to find a Green Goo product in my mailbox not too long ago and I figured I would review it for you guys today! Green Goo is owned by women, and family run, the products are cruelty free and formulated with all natural oils and herbs. Green Goo is also a certified B Corp. I am loving that I am receiving more products from companies that identify as woman owned and think it is awesome that they are all natural as well. 

Green Goo sent me one of their tea tree and peppermint solid shampoo bars and it did not disappoint! This product lathers up really well, and helps to cleanse your scalp of any buildup or irritation. If you normally wash your hair daily I would recommend using this once or twice a week. If you prefer to use it daily make sure to use a conditioner afterwards. I got a little too into using the product and have been using it without conditioner this entire week (every other day), and the first few days my hair felt amazingly clean but by today it has felt a bit dry. So I would just recommend using a natural conditioner if you plan on using it frequently. 
I haven't used a shampoo bar in over a year, since I ran out of Lush's Jumping Juniper, and I had forgotten how much I loved shampoo bars. They seem to last forever! Even with all the lather I've created using this product a few washes straight this bar looks like I've never touched it. I feel that shampoo bars are more value for your money since they seem to last so incredibly long. 
The smell of tea tree and peppermint it also very invigorating, tea tree products always make my hair feel ridiculously clean, I would recommend this product if you use a ton of styling products, struggle with dryness or excess oil, or for the summer (tea tree will help if you tend to get that weird crunchy feeling after swimming in chlorine or salt water).
Thanks to Green Goo for sending me this awesome sample! What products have you discovered this week? Leave me a comment down below. 

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