Traveling to the Emerald Isle

Last month I posted about creating an easy to travel with wedding outfit, with an announcement that I would be going to Ireland for a wedding.

I had the exciting opportunity to be able to visit Ireland last month. Ireland is a country that I had wanted to see for sometime. When I studied abroad in London, England I aimed to travel to some nearby countries, but it never happened. 

Ireland is a place I have always wanted to go, since hearing the story of my great, great grandmother who travelled in steerage to Ellis Island from County Kerry. I wasn't able to visit Kerry this time around, but I'm hoping to return in the future. 

I had so much fun traveling to Trim, with my boyfriend's family. We were guests at his cousin's wedding, which was beautiful. It was my first time attending an Irish wedding. 
A view of the countryside in Trim

During our week abroad, we also visited Dublin for a day, and traveled to areas surrounding Trim for the wedding. Being a passenger in Ireland was scary enough with the narrow roads, and roundabouts; I can only imagine actually driving there.
The Temple Bar area of Dublin

We were blessed with gorgeous weather throughout the week, it only drizzled our first night there. Upon Becca's recommendation I tried the beef stew at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, it was delicious! 
Guinness Storehouse Stew
I was so excited to be able to travel out of the country again, after studying in England I was really bit by the travel bug and have such an urge to be adventurous since then.I loved exploring the castles in Trim, and seeing the more fast paced lifestyle of Dublin. I hope to return to Ireland one day and spend more time in Dublin. Coming from New York, I didn't expect Dublin to be so big. There is definitely more than a days worth of exploration to do.

 I'm honestly at a loss writing this, it's hard to put into words just how amazing of a trip it was for me. Writing this post feels like saying goodbye to Ireland, which is why I cant seem to wrap my brain around writing something more detailed. There will be more to come!


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