Combatting Dry Winter Skin with Ida Body Care

This winter I noticed a huge difference in my skin. I really struggled at the start of the season to find something that would soothe my dry and dehydrated skin. No matter what body lotion or oil I used post-shower I still felt like my skin was dry. I even tried upping my electrolyte intake, and nothing seemed to help. My skin looked healthy but was incredibly itchy and overall very uncomfortable. Gone are the days of using any body wash I come across. I now need to be more intentional about the products I am using on my body. 

When Ida Body Care's PR team reached out to me, I was inspired by not only their product but the story behind it. Vicki Weaver Payne founded Ida Body Care in honor of her mother, Ida. On top of being a heck of a woman, traveling the world, and working on airplanes during WWII; Ida formulated her own body lotion from natural ingredients and essential oils. 

The Ida Body Care team kindly sent me The 4 Steps 4oz kit, which I have been testing out over the last four weeks. The 4 step kit comes with a dry brush, body wash, body scrub, and body lotion. 

Below is the routine I've been following, as suggested on the Ida Body Care site. 

  • Dry Brush 

    • I've been dry brushing for quite some time, but I really love the shape of this dry brush. It's easy to use, is made from plant material, and helps to exfoliate and aid in the circulation of the blood. 
    • If you've never dry brushed before. I like to start at my feet and make long strokes towards the heart. Vicki also has a great tutorial which I've embedded below. (Sidenote: Her skin looks amazing, I need to know her full routine!) 

  • Body Wash

    • This body wash is filled with amazing oils, 13 to be exact. Its creamy formula is perfect post-dry brushing and the smell is divine. The citrus verbena scent is the perfect pick me up.

  • Sugar Scrub

    • This is hands-down my favorite body scrub I've tried to date. The natural sugars are gentle, and the anti-aging oils feel incredibly luxurious on my skin. I love using this scrub prior to shaving to ensure a smooth and nick-free shave.

  • Body Lotion

    • Admittedly, body lotion is something I tend to be a bit lazy with, but I didn't want the self-care to end when using this line. This is the perfect end to my routine. Once I've towel dried, I'll apply generously and then pop on my bathrobe. I always feel so relaxed after using these products.
Ida Body Care is made in the USA, cruelty free, and vegan. Thank you again to the Ida Body Care Team for letting me give this line a try and for soothing my skin this winter.

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