Weddings Bells and Wellness Logs

Like many of you, I never imagined that I would essentially be quarantined and working fully remote, but here we are, adapting and growing together!

I decided back in December that post-holiday break I was going to practice more positive wellness habits. Last year one of the only resolutions I stuck to was that I wanted to stay hydrated throughout the day. In 2019, with major changes in my schedule and workload, I fell off the wellness wagon. My healthy gym habits have basically gone out of the window.

Since the start of the year, I've been walking at least one way to work each day, if the weather allows, and I'm trying to work going to my office gym into my schedule once again. While that's on pause, for now, I managed 3 (and a half, HIIT was not beginner-friendly lol) zoom hosted workouts this week and have been going for walks when safe to do so.

I've been trying to take actual breaks after work, eat a healthy meal, and stream a show or movie. Tonight's pick is To All the Boys 2.

I'm also trying to keep a log of healthy habits I'm maintaining each day. I recently added a new planner to my Erin Condren collection. The Wellness Bundle, contains a Wellness Log Petite Planner,  Habit Tracker Notepad, a six-pack of dual-tip markers, and the wellness functional sticker pack.

Working in account management I tend to follow a schedule and stay relatively organized, but when it comes to self-care things like drinking enough water and making sure I eat 3 healthy meals a day... sometimes I forget? 🙆

It may sound silly but using a habit tracker has really been helping me stay on target with my health goals. With work, wedding planning, and hosting friends at our apartment these last few weeks things have been hectic, to say the least.

I've been enjoying a ton of Erin Condren products over the weeks, and love how the EC line has helped make my goals seem more manageable.

I had planned to post a wealth of wedding planning information, and talk through getting my skin 'wedding ready', but at this stage, my skincare is more like self-care, and to be honest with all that is going on wedding planning is unfortunately on pause. Let me know in the comments below if you would still like to see skincare and wellness posts as we get through social distancing together!


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