Trying EcoLips new Skincare Line EcoLixir

It's been a bit since I've tested and reviewed some PR samples, and with all the hype around oil and balm cleansing I was really excited to try out some new products from EcoLips.

EcoLips is of course known for its cruelty free, fair trade, and organic lip product range, but they recently unveiled a new line called EcoLixir which currently includes a daily facial oil, and a cleansing facial oil.

I began testing both of these products out last month, and have had a great experience thus far. My skin appears more radiant, and the cleanser works wonderfully to remove stubborn mascara and foundation.

I prefer to us the daily facial oil at night, to help my skin reset and recover from environmental stressors. It's packed with vitamin c and has a refreshing citrus scent. I've seen an improvement in my overall tone and think I owe it to this gem!

Earlier in the winter I was experiencing very dry skin, thanks to my change in routine and walking through the windy city streets to my office. With the help of the pumpkin seed and marula oil in this cleanser dry skin is a thing of the past. The oils gently cleanse and provide a nice base for me to apply my daily oil and moisturizer.

These items are not only effective, but kind to your wallet, Each item in the EcoLixir range is priced below $20. I also love that both products are packaged in glass bottles. They look gorgeous in my bathroom, and are also easy to recycle!

Let me know in the comments which of the two EcoLixir products you're most excited to try!


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