Cruelty Free Wedding Content, and Where I'm Starting My Wedding Planning Journey

I've always put a bit of a lifestyle spin on my blog posts and included content about college life, commuting in Manhattan, and vacation staples, so I thought I would include some engagement and wedding-related content in the coming months.

 I'm lucky enough to have friends and (soon to be) family that have recently planned or are planning their own weddings so I have tons of people to ask when I need direction. However, being pretty type-a I wanted something else to help me begin my wedding planning journey. I purchased an Erin Condren Wedding Planner a few days after getting engaged. (Once I decided on a design I liked. There are so many! lol) While I've only just begun planning, I like that there is a checklist of things to focus on for different timespans leading up to your wedding day. For example the planner calls out which vendors you should be booking x-amount of months prior to your special day. There is also a place to plan seating arrangements, guest lists, color schemes, and track gifts/thank you cards. I've already referred to it on quite a few occasions, and it has areas that I feel like I would have forgotten about if I were to plan without this planner.

I chose to design my own cover, and love that Erin Condren lets you add photos to really personalize your planner. I decided on the Starry Sky design.

In the next few months as I plan different details of my wedding I also want to talk about skincare and beauty as it relates to my wedding. Thankfully, I've gotten to a place where I really know what ingredients my skin responds well to, but I really want to be glowing on my wedding day. Stay tuned for cruelty-free products I'll be testing in the near future.

I'm also curious to hear from you! If there's any content you would like to see in the near future, let me know in the comments!


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