2018 Holiday Gift Guide

This year's gift guide round up features some of my favorite cruelty free products, as well as some great products that I've had fun reviewing for you guys these past few months. I know you'll love these products as much as I have, and I hope your gift recipients will too.

I'm so excited to get into the spirit of giving this holiday season, starting with these awesome goodies.

For the Self Care Aware

Cloud 9 & Meltdown

I have been loving these products from Blume. Self care has become increasingly important to me since I began my journey in the full time workforce, and during 'that time of the month' I'm even more appreciative of these products.

Cloud 9 is an essential oil roll on, the scent has helped me calm down both headaches and cramps-- helping me to get through my work day in peace. Meltdown is a true skincare game changer for me, I've always used tea tree oil on spots however Meltdown seems to help my dry out larger hormonal pimples much faster. This blend also helps soothe irritation, so I will use it on my t-zone after masking.

Blume is cruelty free, sustainable, was created by female entrepreneurs, and also donates a portion of their proceeds to Days for Girls. I know I'll be keeping these products in my arsenal for years. Blume is a great brand to introduce your gal pals to this holiday season.

For the Zen

In Focus Guide Books

I have been learning more about essential oils and meditation ever since I got into yoga last year. These books are a great place to start and include a wealth of information including history, uses, and a breakdown of each essential oil or meditation practice.

My favorite section in the essential oil & aromatherapy book is the section on daily aromatherapy, which guides the reader on easy ways to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine, such as using lavender oil in your morning shower before going to work to calm and relax your mind.

I think these guides would be great for the yogi or anyone looking to further their knowledge on your list. You can find these books, along with others from the In Focus series here.

For a Fun Loving Couple

Crated with Love made it back to another gift guide. Crated with Love is a date night subscription box focused on fun and creative activities that can also help improve facets of your relationship. Martin and I had a lot of fun with this one. Our favorite activity in this box was a board game which focused on communication. In this particular box, the activities were based off of a particular storyline and each one related to being stranded on a tropical island.

I would definitely recommend this subscription service for all of the couples in your life. It makes for an affordable and unique date night! Get $5 off your first box here.

For the Skincare Junkie

Comodynes by Urban Cosmetics

Comodynes Exfoliating Cloths make a great stocking stuffer. My skin glowed after using one. Simply cleanse, exfoliate with the comodynes cloth, let the serum from the cloth dry, and then I followed with my favorite facial oil (which you'll hear about soon😇). These clothes are super easy to use, are great for traveling, and truly made an impact on the appearance of my skin.

Sibu has always been a holy grail product for me since I started using their sea buckthorn oil just over a year ago. If you're looking to treat someone on your gift list this year then their luxury oil is an amazing option.

Sibu oil has changed my skin for the better, and I will always keep them in my arsenal. Personally I have seen some huge changes in my skin such as reduction of acne, a reduction in oil production (I used to have really oily skin until I started using facial oils), dry patches clear up faster, and acne scars seem to be gone in a flash. This truly is a miracle product and I think it would be amazing for all skin types.

The luxury oil blend includes, argan, frankincense, sunflower, rose hip, patchouli, and sea buckthorn oils-- after using sea buckthorn and rosehip oils exclusively for months this blend that includes both is absolutely amazing! Applying this oil is an act in self care, and I love how the lavender scent lingers.

Be sure to check out the Sibu site for great discounts for black friday and the holiday season, starting next Thursday!

After moving into my new apartment a few months ago I have been living for bath bombs, salts, and bubbles. I have especially been loving these bath bombs from Kush Queen.

Each bath bomb contains 10 mg of CBD, helping you and your muscles to relax. Each bath bomb in this mini collection is geared towards wellness. This would be great to gift the bath lover on your list, or even to split the package up and use as stocking stuffers.

Gifts for Little Ones

Simon & Hans
These plushies are adorable! Perfect for your little one, or the young at heart. Hans (the hedgehog) is my favorite! He's soft, cuddly, and also makes a great pillow for Netflix binging. Squishmallows are available online, and at Walgreens. Check out their site to see more styles, including some fun Christmas characters.

Another great present for the young animal lover on your list is Doodled Dogs by Gemma Correll. This book is packed with fun doodling exercises, showing you how to doodle dozens of breeds. There are also fun pages to fill out about your own four legged friend.

For the Classic and Conscious Beauty

Top: Flame, Bottom: Ruby Red
I love a red lip, but over the past year I've strayed away from the classic hue because many of the shades I grew to love contained carmine. Carmine is an ingredient found in many red lipsticks and is made from pulverized Cochineal, an insect. When I found out about carmine I was pretty grossed out, but I never considered that insects are also exposed to agricultural chemicals (insecticides, fertilizers, etc.) It's become increasingly important to me to find brands that do not contain carmine, especially since microparticles of lip products are swallowed by the user.

The Organic Skin Co is a cruelty free, certified organic, makeup company that makes some stunning red shades. A great gift for the classic beauty in your life, or those who love a dramatic pop of color.

Ruby Red is my favorite of the shades I tried, it's the perfect red for my skin tone. The formula is comfortable to wear, has buildable color, and made me feel super confident!

Let me know some of your top gift picks in the comments below, and what you love most about the holiday season!


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