Ethical Wardrobe Staples

Three years ago I started blogging about cruelty free alternatives to the beauty and skincare items I use in my daily life, since then my lifestyle has evolved quite a bit. I try to consider cruelty free alternatives in most aspects of my life, and now I think it may be time to shift my focus to ethical fashion as well.

This fall there have been 2 trends that I have been absolutely loving, animal print and leather*! I paired both trends together for today's look.

Today I opted for the 'Maria' a classic biker style jacket with an asymmetrical zip and silver studs. The Maria Jacket can be found at James & Co, an Australian ethical clothing brand specializing in conscience clothing.

James & Co is PETA approved, and only offers ethical vegan leather options.

I love this jacket and have been wearing it almost daily, it looks great paired with virtually everything in my closet especially my leopard booties. I'm incredibly pleased with this piece and know the classic design will be a wardrobe staple for years to come.

Sunglasses (x)
Sweatshirt (similar, x)
Leggings (x)
Booties(x, similar 1, 2)


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