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I'm super picky with my workout apparel, and recently I've been seeing what a difference quality can make. Thanks to my proximity to the outlets, I admittedly have stocked up on my fair share of leggings.

One of the apparel items I find a bit harder to buy are hoodies. Don't get me wrong I love my oversized comfy hoodies, but sometimes I want to workout in them and the typical fleeces don't quite cut it for me, sometimes the excess fabric feels like it's getting in the way if I'm lifting.
Gym + Coffee
Enter Gym + Coffee. Gym + Coffee is an Irish athleisure brand that just launched in the United States. Their sweatshirts tick all the boxes for me! These hoodies are fitted, without being constricting, are slightly longer in the back, have zippered pockets, a roomie hood, and thumb holes!


I'm in love with this line, there's a color for every preference. I personally love the heathered ones! The fabric is incredibly soft and has a nice amount of stretch making this hoodie incredibly comfy and probably my favorite out of my collection.

If you're addicted to fitness apparel like me, be sure to check out their site. They sell hoodies, tops, and accessories for both men and women. If you use the code 'PATTIPLUS' you'll also receive free shipping!

 If you're located in Ireland you can also catch Gym + Coffee at Wellfest! I recently received an email all about this health and wellness festival and it looks amazing! Bummer, that the event is taking place in Ireland and I'm in New York. 😞

What are your fitness obsessions and recent finds? Let me know in the comments!


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