Edougble... A health conscious foodie's dream come true!

I'm known to get excited when interesting press emails arrive in my inbox, but this was another level.  I'm pretty sure everyone's mom at one point or another told them not to eat raw cookie dough, maybe you listened, may you didn't... but there are are some health risks associated with consuming "meant for baking" raw cookie dough. Now there is cookie dough that is made to be consumed "raw". Edoughble doesn't actually contain any raw egg, raw flour, or chemical leaveners the ingredients are all natural so it's 100% safe to eat! As someone who's trying to be more conscious about what I'm putting in my body this was music to my ears!

The team over at Edoughble kindly sent me their DIY kit so I could dough it myself. 😋

 This kit contains:
    2 -12oz tubs of Dough (Dough Schmo, Classic Cookie Dough & Plain Jane, Sugar Cookie Dough)
    3 mini mix-in bags of with Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate Chips & Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

I mixed "Sugar Cookie" with sprinkles and chocolate sandwich cookies, and "Plain Jane" with chocolate chips.

Edougble tastes amazing, and I was so pleased to read that the ingredients are premium... which is something I'm starting to look for in my junk food alternatives. I'll definitely be placing an order soon, I'm super eager to try 'Lady in Red Velvet Chip' it looks delicious!

If you're looking to treat yourself, your valentine, or have a fun party treat then definitely check out Edoughble!


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