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It's 14 degrees here in New York today, making lip balm the most essential product in my handbag. When I first started my cruelty free journey lip balm seemed like one of the most difficult items to find. The majority of drugstore brands are not cruelty free, and the luxury brands were too luxurious on a student budget. Just before the holidays Surya Brasil was kind enough to send me a few samples of their tinted, and flavored lip balms. 
I've been using the mint chocolate chip flavored lip balm daily, just because it's my favorite ice cream flavor. The formula is nourishing, doesn't cause my lips to flake (as some formulations do), and seems to be long lasting. I cant wait to try the acai flavor, as acai bowls are a summer favorite of mine. 
The tinted balms come in a range of beautiful colors. Today I'm wearing Vanilla Dragon Fruit, the color is natural and adds a little something extra to today's no-makeup look. 
(Top) Coconut Nectar, (Middle) Sugared Fig, (Bottom) Vanilla Dragon Fruit

I found the tinted formula to be just as nourishing as the flavored ones, which in my opinion is rare amongst tinted products. Surya Brasil's lip balms are vegan, cruelty free, affordable, all natural, and also kosher! These are a must have for this winter. 


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  1. I've got some of these surya brasil lip balms, they are incredible.

    1. They are amazing quality for the price! Glad you're enjoying them too! Happy New Year!


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