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I've been sampling Organo's Body Management products for the last few weeks now, specifically Fenix DX and XT
Fenix XT has been a major asset to my busy schedule. My hours at the office have increased at the same time that I've been trying to boost my time at the gym. Fenix XT has been helping me get through the day without the crash that coffee or energy drinks tend to give me. It has a tasty peach mango flavor and is easy to mix with water. I add mine to a blender bottle and give it a shake. You can also add Fenix XT to a standard size water bottle. Fenix XT has ingredients such as Guarana, Rhiodola, and Ganoderma mushroom powder. What I like most about this energy supplement is that it contains less sugar and less caffeine than typical energy drinks and its only 15 calories per serving. 
Fenix DX is a vitamin supplement aimed at defending ones health and aiding detoxification. This powder contains antioxidants from fruits such as blueberries and acai, B vitamins, chamomile extract, and ganoderma mushroom powder. 
This is probably my favorite of the two. I came down with a cold yesterday, so I decided to lay low and rest. However today was a work day so I had to pull it together, I was struggling a bit in the morning and I wasn't able to focus as well as I normally do. I decided to throw a Fenix DX into my water bottle. After I downed the bottle I felt noticeably better, as I usually do when I up my vitamin intake on sick days. This was a much more pleasant way to get all the vitamins my body needed, and I didn't feel as sluggish as I had felt just 20 minutes prior. Thanks to Fenix DX I was able to go above and beyond for my client today, exceeding the quota I had set for myself. 
Using the Fenix range of products has helped me feel my best and given me the energy to get through some stressful days these last few weeks, while still having the energy to get myself to the gym or catch up on blogging. 
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