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Since we moved in I've been doing a lot of cooking, baking specifically is a lot of fun for me. This past month I've made brownies, peach cobbler, peanut butter cookies, pumpkin bars and a few kinds of muffins. Since I've been starting to work out more I'm becoming more conscious of what is in baking mixes, cutting back on sugar, and using whole wheat flour. Any raw ingredients I have in my kitchen are organic, and somewhat of a healthier alternative. 
Protein Muffins
As for mixes I've tried a few recently. Yesterday I made Kodiak Cakes protein muffins. I chose the coconut dark chocolate mix. The mix makes 12 muffins, and one serving is 2 muffins. I figured this would be good to make for mornings I don't have time to mix myself a protein shake. It's an easy grab and go breakfast. I like these muffins a lot. They aren't the best muffins I've ever had, but since they are supposed to be healthier and also contain whey protein... the health benefits make up for the few negatives. Mine came out a bit dry, which is the biggest drawback for me. Next time I make them I plan on using a lower temperature setting to see if it makes a difference. 
Cucumber Kimchi
I've never made kimchi before, but after Sunny's Gourmet Seasoning reached out to me about their cucumber kimchi recipe I was intrigued. I love teriyaki sauce and was also looking for an easy to make (but tasty) veggie side when I pack my lunch. I followed the recipe to a T, but I decided to cut my cucumbers with a spiralizer. If you're interested in trying out this recipe for yourself, pick up some of Sunny's Teriyaki Sauce, and Kimchi Seasoning and follow this easy recipe. These products are available on their site, Amazon, and at Whole Foods. Next I want to follow the baked spicy onion ring recipe
The kimchi was a bit spicier than I expected, but I love spicy food so I was happy about that. I  used this recipe to help me meal plan this week, and was able to pack this as my side in 3 lunch portions. Thanks Sunny's for allowing me to try something new! I cant wait to see what other recipes I'll create with this seasoning and sauce. 
Moon Juice
In September my friend and I went to a yoga festival where we tried moon juice for the first time. I now make moon juice pretty regularly, roughly following the recipe we tried at the festival. This drink is great when I'm craving something sweet. I sometimes make myself a glass when I return from the gym... the maple syrup is the least healthy part, but everything in moderation!
For one cup:
  • half a cup of coconut water (My favorite is Goya(without pulp)
  • half a cup of almond milk (I use vanilla almond milk) 
  • a dash of cinnamon
  • a tsp of maple syrup (I use an organic brand) 
Have you tried any new recipes this month or have a healthy substitution you'd like to share? Leave comment below!

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