Hustle Butter| Healing My Tattoo & Aftercare Product Review

Last month I received my first tattoo at Hustler's Parlour in Brooklyn, NY. I received Hustle Butter Deluxe to use as I went through the healing process.

Artificial ingredients just don't have a place in my routine, not when natural products can really do wonders for my skin. As well as being cruelty-free Hustle Butter is made with natural ingredients like Shea, Mango Butter, and lots of essential oils. This not only makes the product smell amazing, but it's also super effective. I love products formulated with essential oils, since they always seem to do the job.
Hustle Butter Deluxe

My instructions after getting my tattoo were to remove the bandage wrap once I got home, wash the area three times a day with cool water and follow up with Hustle Butter after patting dry. These instructions tend to vary with your artists, but Pierre steered me in the right direction. My tattoo is healing beautifully. There was very minimal flaking of my tattoo, since its pretty delicate line work... which I'm pretty grateful for. As a first tattoo I think I chose a good design to start with. The healing process was a breeze. If I choose to get more ink in the future I think I will continue with simple line work. I like the look of minimal lines, and think over time there may be less spreading of the ink... but I could be wrong (it is my first tattoo after all).

Once I run out of my jar of Hustle Butter I intend to purchase another jar to keep my tattoo looking like new. Hustler's Parlour also sells other products in their skincare line. Hustle Helper was used during the tattooing process... it helped to numb the area when Pierre went back in to touch up some lines and lettering. It made a huge difference in the pain. Like I said in my first post about my tattoo, overall the process was not nearly as painful as I thought.. but after Hustle Helper was applied I didn't feel a thing. I also received a sample vial of the residue remover as well which is by far the best thing I have ever used to remove my mascara. I can never seem to fully remove it with cleansing wipes or liquid remover, but this balm style remover does the trick.


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