#WIPEAOLICS Savvy Travelers Subscription| Review

I was really excited to receive this shiny parcel in the mail. Upon opening it I found an adorable little travel bag decorated with city landmarks, it was filled with various Savvy Travelers wipes. Savvy Travelers is a women owned, cruelty free, and earth conscious brand.

These wipes are designed to help you feel clean and confident on the go. Wipeholics is their new subscription service in which customers will be sent a box of beauty products and wipes every month for twelve months.

This was the perfect time for me to test these with my final fall semester of college beginning. My two favorite varieties in the bag were the makeup removing face wipes, and the lens cleaning wipes. I make a conscious effort to not touch the lenses of my glasses and somehow they still end up with fingerprints and smudges all over them. This was the first time I tried a wipe like this that actually cleaned my lenses, some wipes just kind of smudge everything around. I also love the makeup wipes for after work and school, this semester I am working after class which means the makeup that I applied at 9am before class, stays on my face until 10pm when I get out of work. Now I can easily remove it before work.

Thanks Savvy Traveler for sending me this pack to review, I really enjoyed your products, and would recommend them for the woman on the go!


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