First Impressions of Burts Bees BB Cream

This past weekend I did a bit of drug store makeup shopping after seeing that Burt's Bees released a BB Cream. In the summer months especially I hate caking makeup on my face and have been in search of a cruelty-free BB Cream. I attempted filming a little 'get ready with me' style video to show you how it applied, but the photo booth is awful at picking up on skin finishes. 

I used my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to apply this bb cream, but if you're used to using your fingers or a foundation brush I think this would apply just as nicely,

As with most bb creams the product does not give a ton of coverage. Having acne-prone skin, I'm not asking for miracles anyway. I am looking for light breathable coverage, to even out my skin slightly. I am very impressed with the coverage, it covered up all of the redness on my face, and I only had trouble getting it to cover one of my breakouts. 

I read the reviews before purchasing this product, and some reviewers commented that the product had a strange smell to it. You only really smell the product when applying it, and then it fades away. I don't find it overpowering, and to me this does not compromise the quality of the product. 

I also really love that the product has an SPF of 15 since I often forget to apply sunscreen unless I am going to the beach. This BB Cream is also 99.9% natural which I love! 

I felt that this product gave my skin a beautiful and natural finish, while helping to even out the tone and clarity. I would definitely recommend this BB Cream. 

The Finished Look

What's your opinion?

  1. I have been looking for a good tinted moisturizer or BB cream! I have only tried the Maybeline BB Cream and I remember it didn't even look like I had used anything at all. It kind of made me afraid to try others! I will definitely need to try this one by Burts Bees. I love their products but I had no idea they had a BB cream! Thanks for the awesome review!
    xo, Milan //

    1. Thanks for your comment Milan! Yes I believe it's new, I only noticed it in stores this week. I hope you enjoy it too and thanks for reading <3 Just followed you on twitter.


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