Current Lush Cosmetics Favorites

My love for +Lush Cosmetics products is no secret, I rave about their products to my friends constantly. I fell in love with Lush a few years ago. I had never heard of them previously but I wandered into one of their stores and was instantly intrigued.

My favorite aspect of Lush is their promise to never test on animals, I recently gave a presentation for my public speaking course on how horrific animal testing is and all of the alternatives that are available. (Just an FYI the alternatives are not only less expensive, but they can yield better results.) I might chose to upload that presentation here at some point.

In addition to not testing on animals, many of their products are vegan, they are natural based (using synthetics only when necessary), and they work like a dream!

For the holidays this year I decided to interview at one of the nearest Lush locations and I was hired! I'm thrilled to work for such an ethical company and I've learned so much in the past few months.

Like I previously stated I absolutely love Lush products, so posts like this might become a regular feature. Lush has become such a crucial part of my routine and since they are constantly innovating and creating new products there will be plenty of Lush products to come.

Now on to my current favorites: (Oldies but goodies.)

  • Tea Tree Toner Water is a godsend, I see such a huge difference in my skin when I run out.
    • To use spray on cleansed dry skin, I like to immediately follow with a moisturizer
  • Lush's Shampoo Bars
    • Jumping Juniper is my current favorite, its awesome for my somewhat oil prone scalp, and of course the matching tin is a must. The best part about shampoo bars is the longevity, these can last for eighty to one hundred washes. 
  • Lip Scrub
    • These come in such great flavors, it's edible, and really truly makes a difference during a cold New York winter. Less cracked lips for me. 
  • Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub
    • Smells like a cocktail in a jar, the lime infused vodka does wonders for brightening dark marks and my skin feels so fresh and clean after using this product. 


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