Finding the Perfect Nude | Lights Lacquer Y.N.B.B. Launch

Kathleen Lights launched her 'Your Nails, But Better' Nude Collection earlier this week and I could not be more excited! This gorgeous collection features 6 polishes in varying nude shades.

I've posted a full unboxing on my Instagram  story this week, and if you missed it I've added it to my unboxing highlight. I also talked a bit about where I want to go with my brand and what I feel my next step is as a member of the beauty community. More on that below!

After writing about cruelty-free beauty for the last five years I feel that it's time to take another step forward. I am a believer that as a consumer you are voting with your dollar, and by making a decision to only purchase from companies that align with your values you are sending a message. My hope is that by only purchasing and promoting cruelty-free brands, that other companies will rethink their stance on animal testing. This is not something that will change with only my support, but I hope that if other like-minded people shop in this way we can drive change in the industry.

I recently followed Adeola Ash on Instagram, and she really opened my eyes to the need for further inclusivity in the beauty industry. Her IG stories made me take a hard look at some of the brands I purchase from, and while brands like Fenty (one of my favorite beauty brands) have been leaders in the industry as far as their broad shade ranges, other brands have a lot of catching up to do.

In my future purchases, I will not only be looking for cruelty-free products, but also brands that have an inclusive shade range.

While I feel that nail polish is a bit unique in that every color is for everybody, I am so excited to see an inclusive range of nudes and neutrals. In her launch video Kathleen also mentioned that more undertones and nudes are in the works so there's a color for every skin tone and preference.

I swatched each of these shades so you could see what they looked like. As with her past collections, these polishes are 7-free, vegan, and dry pretty fast! I always feel like my nails look perfect in just 2 coats, and the wide paddle-style brush makes for an easy application.

These shades are beautiful and I love all of them! I love a good neutral nail look, it always makes me feel sophisticated.

Stay tuned, on National Nail Polish day (June 1st) Kathleen will be launching a base and topcoat as well!

Let me know in the comments which of the Y.N.B.B. shades is your favorite, and if you have a favorite cruelty-free and inclusive beauty brand. I would love to get more brands on my radar!

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