Weekly Update

Hey everyone, this is an exciting week. My giveaway winner was announced, my final semester of college has begun, and I got a vlog camera!

This semester I will be taking a course that focuses on vlogging and making Youtube videos. I set up my camera today and I'm so excited (and nervous) about beginning. I'm hoping that the quality of my blog photos will also increase. I took a photography class in high school and have always loved it, but I haven't really put much thought into it since then and didn't have the right equipment. I also began making graphics for my channel, I'm not clear on if I'm going to keep the color scheme I have but I love what I've designed so far.

I also have a ton of new review posts in the works but I want to be sure I use the items for a good span of time before posting the review, so unfortunately I don't have one ready for today. I also just wanted to check in quickly between classes, so sorry for the hastiness of this post.

A Peek at One of the Eye Product Drawersđź‘€

I began this blog last year to post about my transition to only owning and using cruelty free products. Earlier this week I went through my makeup collection and threw out some empties and older products. I reorganized almost everything into some beautiful acrylic drawers and I'm proud to say that about 90% of my collection is cruelty free. That's so exciting to me, being that I went through this process slowly and used up what I had before transitioning to cruelty free brands. I'm so happy to be almost one hundred percent cruelty free.

I'm so excited to begin sharing new content and videos with you all. What has been going on in your lives this week? Leave me a comment below.


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