Meet the Designer| Apocalypse Ready by Azmara Asefa

 As a college student who will soon be out in the workforce I am trying to find more pieces that are versatile. Azmara's line has been exactly what I have been searching for, and I'm really excited to share this interview with you all. 

Azmara Asefa 
Azmara's line is called Apocalypse Ready and marries her love for fashion and architecture beautifully. She used CAD software, 3D printing, and laser-cut designs to create her gorgeous line of clothing for the modern woman. Her line is perfect for the office and looks great after hours as well. 
My Favorite Piece in the Collection 

I got a chance to interview Azmara and hear about how she got started and what inspires her. 

  • What inspired you to begin designing clothing? 

    • I've always loved design, and to me, there is no difference between architecture (my background) and fashion. It's really just a matter of scale. I love how much more personal fashion is. You have the ability to change someone's mood or day giving them the option to wear something amazing, comfortable, and functional. 

  • What advice would you give a woman who is interested in changing careers? possibly to fashion? 
    • For women looking to change careers, there's the pragmatic side that says have a plan. Then, there's the optimistic side that says, just do it; don't wait! I say, choose a balance between the two. Have a plan and ideally have friends in the industry you want to move to. Also, don't wait forever. Give yourself a timetable and meet it.
  • Who is the woman that you envisioned wearing your line?
    •  Women who are trendsetters and tastemakers! They are busy juggling work, family, and friends. They know that as long as they have their mind, health, and a good outfit on their backs, they can take on anything! 
  • How did you come up with the idea for using CAD to design clothing? 
    • Many designers use a form of CAD to bring their work to life. I used Architectural CAD because it's what I know, and it sets me up to make the intricate cuts that you see in items like the Ventilated Moto Jacket. I also use 3D software to model all the accessories to be sent to the 3D printer!

 What I love about the line personally is the versatility, it's what makes the line unique. I for one have never seen a collection like it and will be keeping an eye out for Azmara's designs as I enter the workforce. I also love that Azmara see's her clothing as armor... I have found that the right outfit can really make all the difference in my self-confidence, so an outfit that is easy to throw on, can be worn different ways and has pockets is a real asset in my book.

 Jewelry like the Prevail ring is also a daily reminder to go out there and take whatever live throws at you and make the absolute best out of it.

I really enjoyed speaking with Azmara, and love that her collection is also aiding a worthy cause. 10% of the proceeds from future sales will go to the Women's Refugee Commission. You can learn more about the collection through Kickstarter.


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