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Now that my internship is complete I feel like I have a bit more time to breath. I really enjoyed interning and getting the chance to show off my editing and design skills. I was able to complete my 120 required hours in about a month, and I'm really happy I worked out my schedule that way. It was a bit difficult to rearrange the hours at my job to accommodate the internship, and it certainly didn't help my wallet but regardless I am happy I now have the rest of the summer to catch up. I would definitely recommend pacing your internship in this manner.

If you're just beginning your time at college or university the idea of an internship might seem daunting. I promise, it's not so scary! Last month I worked for a New York State Assemblyman, and I really enjoyed working in a field I am not overly familiar with. I helped curate a lot of his media posts, created graphics, and edited videos. These are all skills that pertain to my minor, which is New Media.

Your school should have someone to help guide you through the process of obtaining your internship, this person may have connections and reach out to them to help you get those hours, or they may guide you through applying on your own!

You might be asking yourself what is appropriate to wear or what should I bring to my internship, So I have compiled this post to address that.

On my first day I was a bit overdressed. I wore ankle pants, a collared blouse, nude flats, and carried in a blazer. The women in my office don't normally dress this way unless there is an event. So if you can, I don't think it's inappropriate to ask your supervisor about dress code before you begin. For the rest of my time in the office I wore black capri leggings, flats, and a shirt or tunic that was long enough to cover my butt.

Ive created a few shop-able lists to help you browse through things that are casual, versatile, comfortable, but office appropriate.

I am also in love with products, I just purchased their new planner and think a planner is necessary for everyone, especially interns.

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