Style Switch-Up

If you found this blog through my Tumblr you might have noticed a major shift in the style of my posts over the past year. Gone are the pastel hues, pictures of Cape Cod vacation homes, and boat shoes.
When I first started my Tumblr I named it 'Prepped & Ready'... actually no, it had a much stranger name since I started it my freshman year of high school, but lets not talk about that. Growing up on Long Island and attending private Catholic middle and high schools made a huge impact on my style. When I was ten I began playing golf, and as I got better was sponsored by the parents and friends of other junior coaches to play at various local country clubs. It became apparent that Ralph Lauren was the only way.
Don't get me wrong, I still love a structured crest blazer and headbands, but I realized that I dressed this way to fit in at school, and on the course. A few days a week I still dress like this, I work at a private club and act as an assistant coach to our PGA professionals. So I haven't been able to let go of all my preppy clothes. However, since starting college and being away from the hair bows and plaid skirts of high school I began to cultivate my own style.
Studying abroad in London gave me a whole new eye for fashion, and while it isn't always appropriate for me to wear cleated chelsea boots while walking around Long Island, I have a much greater understanding for what style truly is. I no longer feel like I have to put my style in a box. Instead I'm throwing all my Brooks Brothers in a box.
I have traded out my topsiders for canvas Nikes, my khaki crops for black leggings, elephant pants, or a funky LBD. I'm not really sure what to call my style, theres a mix of athletic wear, bohemian pieces and some more minimal items, what I do know however is how important it is to cultivate your own signature style, to be yourself. My next challenge is finding 'wear-to-work' styles that suit my taste... on to my next adventure in adulting.

If you'd like to see some of my personal style favorites, check out the pieces have linked below.Let me know in the comments what your favorite piece of clothing is, and how you express your personal style.


  1. I loved this post. I love London style, it's my favorite in the world. It really changes your style traveling all around the world. I understand what you mean, I'm not sure what to call my style either. That's a good thing because that means your style is your own. xx

    1. Thanks Becca, I'm glad you liked my post! And yes! maybe our styles are just unique :)


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