Trying EcoLips new Skincare Line EcoLixir

It's been a bit since I've tested and reviewed some PR samples, and with all the hype around oil and balm cleansing I was really excited to try out some new products from EcoLips.

EcoLips is of course known for their cruelty free, fair trade, and organic lip product range, but they recently unveiled a new line called EcoLixir which currently includes a daily facial oil, and a cleansing facial oil.

5 Years Later- About Me

It dawned on me this morning that I've had this blog for five whole years and so much in my life and the way I produce content has changed. I wanted to take a few minutes to write up an 'About Me' of sorts and reintroduce myself. I'm not much of a numbers person, oddly, when it comes to my blog, but I know there are some new readers that I would like to say hello to! And if you've been here with me all five years, thank you!
My name is Patti, I started my blog back in 2015. I majored in Professional Communications, and was assigned a persuasive speech on the topic of my choosing in my public speaking course sophomore year. We were tasked with finding a topic we were passionate about, and convince our classmates to take action or at least agree with our argument. Having worked at Lush Cosmetics that semester I chose animal testing, and compiled a presentation all about lab conditions, alternatives to animal testing and why it's no longer scientifically necessary, and easy product swaps you can make at home to 'cast your vote'. I'm a huge believe that as a consumer you are essentially voting when choosing which products to buy for your household. By choosing to purchase cruelty free products you are supporting a business with the same ethical standards as you, and in turn sending a message to corporations that chose to test on animals that you will not support them, financially or otherwise.