Attending the Rabot 1745 Press Launch & First Impressions

On Tuesday I was invited for a sneak peek of Rabot 1745, Hotel Chocolat's St. Lucia inspired skincare line. The line is sustainable, cruelty free, and the ingredients are sourced from the Rabot Estate in St. Lucia, the same estate where Hotel Chocolat sources their cocoa.

Walking into Hotel Chocolat (located across from the Lexington Ave entrance to Grand Central Station) I was instantly greeted by the delightful and inviting scent of chocolate. The lovely Rabot 1745 team shared the brand's history, pointed out some key ingredients, and I was treated to a hand massage and signature drink. I chose the chili coconut hot chocolate and it was delicious, and also impossible to drink without making a mess... which I didn't even mind.

The line, available on both Amazon and the Rabot 1745 site, has a bit of everything! The team graciously gifted me a few items to take home and I wanted to give my first impressions.

Rabot 1745 Coconut Chocolat Lip Balm

I've kept this stashed in my handbag the whole week, and usually I'm really bad at remembering to apply lip balm, but not this week. I've found myself reapplying this multiple times a day. It smells delightful and keeps my lips feeling smooth and soft. I also love the bamboo packaging.