SomeBunny Loves You// Personalized Easter Gifts

Easter is right around the corner! I felt like it really crept up this year, probably because it's still less than 40 degrees most days in New York... It just doesn't quite feel like spring yet.

Gifts For You Now helped bring a bit of spring to my doorstep today.  I received this adorable bunny from their site that I cannot wait to give to my (one day) nephew on Easter.

How Cute! 

Glowing Spring Favorites

I've been testing out some awesome cruelty free products this past month, and I'm pretty excited to share since these products hit some of my favorite categories.

A peek at my unboxing

If you're following me on instagram you may have seen me unbox an amazing box of Scentbird goodies. Scentbird scent me (lol) an amazing array of candles and skincare products. I've put a candle  in every room.

My current favorite is the cucumber and lotus scent. I love that each jar has an adorable saying on the back. I've been burning this particular candle quite frequently and it's pretty slow burning, it has a 40 hour burn time to be exact. The scent isn't over powering, and is very fresh.

Best part about these candles is that they are made with soy wax and are paraben, sulfate and cruelty free! You can purchase these candles as part of a subscription service, or individually.

Currently, my favorite scent.
I also received Scentbird's best selling coconut & sugar scrub. I love beachy scents and this scrub gives me some serious summer vibes. I love using this prior to shaving my legs, and fake tanning. The sugar scrub is a bit less harsh then scrubs I've used in the past, vitamins E and C leave my skin feeling nourished and not stripped.

Oprah, Hot Chocolate, & Hoochie Mama from Lit Cosmetics

I was saving these Lit Cosmetics kits for a special occasion and I finally experimented with these during Saint Patrick's Day weekend. Last Saturday I attended the NYC Saint Patrick's Day Parade,  I wore my usual winged liner but topped my lids with Lit Cosemetic's Hot Chocolate glitter, and ABH Lucky Clover highlighter. It was gorgeously sparkly, and I loved that it wasn't the typical green eyeshadow look.

The Sunday after I was attending a local event with friends, so I toned it down a bit and also experimented with how controlled I could be with a glitter pigment. I flicked a line of gold glitter underneath my black winged liner. I love this stuff! I can be as controlled and precise as I like, it's easy to apply with just a simple two step process-- and now I want to wear glitter everywhere!

Exfoliated and Tanned thanks to Fake Bake

Getting Fit While Keeping Cravings at Bay with Stabilyze

I've been taking some much needed time away from my blog these past few months, and instead have turned to another past time for some post work relaxation, I may not be in front of a computer screen as often but that doesn't mean I've stopped testing out products for you guys!

I've spoken a bit about my new found love for the gym in some recent posts, but now that I'm seeing results I am obsessed! I'm constantly researching protein types, smoothie/shake recipes, new exercises to try, and meal planning. Meal prep is something that I still struggle with from time to time, as some weeks are busier and more stressful than others.

Green Goo Part Two :)

After a hard workout at the gym I've been reaching for Green Goo's Forest Bar. I've used Green Goo products before and they never disappoint. I'm becoming increasingly aware of additives and unnatural ingredients in my beauty products so I love that Green Goo is made with all-natural herbs and essential oils. I also love the fuss free packaging since it's recyclable. Green Goo is also a woman owned, family business. All amazing things and factors I'm starting to look for when shopping!
Thank you Green Goo for sending this my way!