My Best Skin| Oxygenetix Foundation Review

If you haven't read my last post yet, you may not know that I've been overhauling my skincare routine and it has made a major difference. My skin hasn't looked this clear in ages. Thanks to a few new additions to my routine, my skin is looks and feels incredibly healthy. 

Oxygenetix is a line of oxygen enriched skincare products, that have been dermatologically tested, and are also cruelty free. I received a sample of the Oxygenetix foundation in the shade cream, and have been using it over the past week or so. 

These photos are upon first use, I wanted to test how the foundation wore throughout the day. Oxygenetix is meant to be more breathable than typical foundation so I tested it throughout a full day of work, and then at the gym. (I was also testing a new under eye concealer from a different brand, looking back at these photos I see now that its way too yellow. 😱). 

Glow with Desert Aloe| All Natural Rosacea Fix

Rosacea is something that I've learned to deal with, after discovering that rosacea products are hard to come by in the cruelty free market.  This winter my skin really flared up once the cold temperatures hit and I decided I had enough. I was doing ok crafting a skincare routine, my dry skin had subsided, and acne was healing... but my rosacea (although improved) wasn't subsiding. Around this time Desert Harvest sent me an email regarding their aloe products, and I'll admit I was skeptical but I had never used a cf product specifically for rosacea before so I was intrigued. I also like that Desert Harvest is family owned and operated, and that their products are 100% natural and paraben free.

Desert Harvest kindly sent me two products from their Aloe line of skincare, the Rosacea Gele, and the Aloe Vera Gele. I began using the Rosacea Gele immediately and saw a huge difference even by the next day, my irritated skin appeared soft and the redness had greatly reduced. When I began using this product I also had some stress breakouts, and those quickly subsided as well. It's been just over a week and a half now, and I can sincerely say I will be a Desert Aloe customer for a long time! My skin hasn't looked this great months, and I am enjoying makeup free days more often.