Surya Brasil Lip Balm| CF Brand Feature

It's 14 degrees here in New York today, making lip balm the most essential product in my handbag. When I first started my cruelty free journey lip balm seemed like one of the most difficult items to find. The majority of drugstore brands are not cruelty free, and the luxury brands were too luxurious on a student budget. Just before the holidays Surya Brasil was kind enough to send me a few samples of their tinted, and flavored lip balms. 
I've been using the mint chocolate chip flavored lip balm daily, just because it's my favorite ice cream flavor. The formula is nourishing, doesn't cause my lips to flake (as some formulations do), and seems to be long lasting. I cant wait to try the acai flavor, as acai bowls are a summer favorite of mine. 

NOTE Cosmetics| Cruelty Free Brand Feature

Now that winter is upon us I have been getting back into wearing lipstick, I feel that it perfectly finishes my makeup looks and makes me look a bit more polished.
NOTE Cosmetics reached out to me recently and asked if I would be interested in trying their Matte Moist lipsticks and glosses, and of course I said yes! I love trying out new cruelty free brands, and wanted to see how their lipsticks stacked up against some old favorites of mine. 
Coco Toffee (316)
I wore each type of lipstick for an entire day to test out the formulation, and how it wore. 

Holy Grail Cruelty Free Skincare

If you have been following me along on my blogging/youtube journey, you'll know that my skin has been through everything! It's been dry, oily, acne prone, and I also have a touch of rosacea. Now that I'm 22 my skin has calmed down quite a bit, but I noticed with the change of seasons, or stress it still acts up. 
A few weeks ago, once the temperature dipped to an even 30 degrees here in New York my skin was crying for help. My normally combination, but (now) manageable skin, was red, dry, and breaking out. The redness had to do with my rosacea, it does not respond well to changes in temperature or major changes in my skincare routine. Lucky for me about a week into my skin dilemma Coral Calcium sent me their Hawaiian Red Turmeric Gummies. I had heard that turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory and can help calm rosacea and other sorts of inflammation. These gummies are non-GMO, easy to digest, gluten, dairy and soy free. Turmeric can also benefit the immune system and arthritis. 
Now that I was treating my skin from within I looked to my medicine cabinet to begin working on the exterior. I had purchased Trader Joe's Blueberry Acai Facial Scrub a few months ago, just to try something new, but hadn't found that it did much aside from making my skin soft. I reached for it again this time, as I remembered how great blueberries were for inflammation, and since it gently exfoliates it seemed like the perfect choice. I used this daily (for about 4 days) until I saw a reduction in redness and dry patches. I kept using my trusty CBD for Life Cleanser as it is the most gentle and effective skincare product I've come across. 

Stocking Stuffers Guide 2017

If you haven't seen my Holiday Gift Guide post yet, be sure to give it a read! I had a few smaller products lying around that I have been enjoying lately and I got to thinking that they'd be great stocking stuffers, or gift basket fillers! 

7th Heaven Masks

7th Heaven Masks have been a favorite of mine this month, once or twice a week after a long day I enjoy relaxing and applying a face mask. Matter of fact, I have the chocolate one on as I'm writing this! 7th Heaven sent me a variety of their masks to test out, and so far I have liked every one! I even had Martin try the Men's sample and he thought it made his skin feel very smooth. One of my favorites was the Hot Spring Sauna Mask, which has a warming effect. It's such a great mask for a winter time pamper session. These masks would be great stocking stuffers or as a filler in your best friends gift bag this holiday season!