Cruelty Free Work Essentials

I was sent two products recently that have become my little workplace saving graces. I always keep hand sanitizer and hand lotion at my desk. This is kind of another step in self care for me. Keeping things like this in addition to water and snack helps prevent me from getting burnt out. A simple ritual of cleaning and moisturizing my hands after what feels like endless typing, is a tiny break from the craziness that can sometimes ensue at my desk. 
Everyone, also known as EO, sent me this lovely hand sanitizer spray. The scent (Coconut Lemon) has to be my favorite among all the sanitizers I have tried over the years. I love anything with coconut and this is such a clean scent and it takes me out of the office for just a moment. There are no synthetic fragrances, it's cruelty free, and packaged in a recycled plastic bottle. 
Also great to keep in your car! 

What's In My Gym Bag Featuring Crimes of Beauty and EO

I feel like my posts have been very fitness heavy recently, but I am obsessed and I'm not apologizing lol. Now generally I don't put a ton of products in my gym bag, but these things come in handy on Thursday nights. Almost every Thursday my friend and I go to hot yoga, shower at the gym, and then head out in town for some dinner. It's tradition to get appetizers at our favorite Mexican restaurant. 
Recently I received a few samples that have been incredibly handy for these days at the gym. Keep reading if you want to find out about my cruelty free gym bag essentials. 
I finally bought myself a yoga mat bag, I own one from Citrus Fitness. I bought this bag particularly because it features both an inner and outer pocket. There is a large mesh one inside which I fit my cosmetic bag in, and one on the outside that I usually slip my phone inside while I am in class. There is enough room in the bag for me to stuff my mat, mat-sized towel, hand towel, coconut water, and a change of clothes-- If I'm strategic with my placement. 
The cosmetic bag I have been toting to the gym is this adorable one from Crimes of Beauty. Crimes of Beauty has a large selection of bags to choose from and they are all very affordable. I also think this one is fab "I Like My Rose Chilled and My Highlight Lit". Thanks Crimes of Beauty, I very much believe that throwing on a coat of mascara makes all the difference most days! 

A Day in the Life; Pre- Hot Yoga Routine

If you couldn't already tell by my last few posts, and a whole bunch of tweets my newest obsession in hot yoga. One of my goals for post-college life was to have a regular workout routine again, after I moved out and closer to my new job my friend and I began practicing hot yoga after finding a deal on Groupon
It's been about a month and a half since I started and I am seeing major results. I mainly wanted to tone up, and am seeing a slight change in my arms, and a major difference in my core muscles. I won't have abs in time for the shore, but I feel way more confident now than I did before beginning hot yoga. 
Another goal I had post-graduation was to take care of my body more, cut out fast food and eat healthier. Now I've never been a huge fan of fast food, so cutting that out wasn't too hard. I'll eat it occasionally but only when I'm pressed for both time and cash. There are much better options out there! It's been even easier to follow this healthy eating plan since i began practicing yoga, because I can feel a difference when I am not giving my body the things it needs. Now I am sure to always have some fruit, multiple vegetables a day and plenty of water. 
If you're curious here's what my typical diet consists of when I am going to yoga or the gym: 


For breakfast I either have overnight oats, or a waffle. Lately I have been eating strawberry, blueberry waffles or overnight oats with some sort of fruit mixed in. 


I almost always have a salad with added protein. I'm lucky enough to have a pretty great range of options in my office building so I usually hit the salad bar and add plenty of chicken, chickpeas, and extra veggies. My friend and I have been trying to partake in "Meatless Mondays" so on mondays I sometimes opt for a veggie burger, or have a salad with all my usual fixings but substitute the chicken for a hard boiled egg or two.