Life Update and Thoughts on the Pirates of the Caribbean Palette

I feel like its been ages since I've sat down and written a proper post, just one on  one sharing my thoughts and ideas with you guys. I graduated from college last weekend, and secured my first full time job just two weeks previous. Today was my first day of work and I have a bit of time to kill until my best friend gets home. 
I had tweeted about some possible changes to my blogging and YouTube schedule, and I think it's time I addressed that. While things are slowing down in a sense since I am not working and attending school simultaneously, there are still a lot of stressful, and time consuming things to come in the near future. While I love blogging and making videos, I want to make sure I am putting my energy into the things that are truly important at this moment. In the next few weeks I will be moving into my own apartment, I'm hoping to set up some viewings soon after work this week. I am also adjusting to a new schedule. Until I find an apartment I am staying with my best friend, since he's way closer to my  new job. I will be going home on the weekends however to see my family. At this time I don't know how it will affect my blog. I know I won't be vlogging again for at least a few weeks though, since I am still not comfortable doing so in front of others.
I am excited to see what changes will come in the next few weeks though, and I cant wait to share these things here and on my channel.
Another thing I have been waiting to tell you guys about is the Pirates of the Caribbean PRO Eye Shadow Palette from Lorac. I was really excited to give this a try since it's my first purchase from Lorac. I have heard great things about their shadows, which are of course cruelty free. The palette has eighteen gorgeous colors, a huge mirror, and it also came with a mini eyeliner. 

How to Get that DWTS Glow| A Cruelty Free Review

Growing up watching Dancing with the Stars I always wondered how the contestants got such a flawless, even, not-orange glow. I've been self tanning on and off for a few years now and have tried my share of products, I finally got a routine down where there are minimal streaks, and I know exactly how to tan my acne-prone face. 

A few weeks ago I received a product from Norvell called Endurance. Endurance is a gradual tanner and CC cream all in one. I have been using Endurance for about two weeks straight now, and I'm loving it. This is probably the most natural coloring I've ever seen from a product. Endurance is formulated with VIO-7 which counters orange undertones giving you a more natural look. 
Endurance Gradual Tanner

Glamour Dolls x Lisa Frank Review| Featuring Tea with B

Last month Glamour Dolls shipped out their coveted collection collaborating with Lisa Frank. Becca and I preordered the adorable unicorn angled blush brush and we actually had completely different thoughts on it. The aesthetics of this brush are everything, the brush is everything I could ever want as a 90s baby and reminds me of a Lisa Frank lunch box, and various school supplies I had growing up. 

CBD for Life's Full Beauty Range| A Cruelty Free Review

If you have been reading my posts the last few months, first of all-- Hello! I'm so happy you're here and reading another one of my reviews. I have been reviewing the CBD for Life line quite a bit recently, I was lucky enough to receive a few more items from them last month and I wanted to share my thoughts on these new (to me) products. If you're interested in my past reviews you can find them at the following links. (1, 2, 3
This packaging is gorgeous, peonies are a favorite of mine!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Every year Mother's Day seems to get a bit harder for me, I'm not really sure why... I guess my mom is just someone that I want to get the perfect gift for. There aren't too many things that she 'needs' per say but I always try to get something that is both practical and meaningful. 

I reached out to a brand called Vadavas and asked if I could feature their bracelets in a Mother's Day guide, and one of the owners, Daniela, kindly arranged for a bracelet set to be sent to me for both me and my mother. What drew me to Vadavas is their dedication to social responsibility, their slogan is 'wear purpose' and I wanted to find out what Vadavas is all about.
Mother Daughter Bracelet Set From Vadavas 

Coping with Senior Year Stress| CF Products and Tips to Help You Through

If you've read any of my posts recently I am usually apologizing for posting a few hours late, for being inactive on social media, or straight up telling you guys that it's been a busy few months. If you didn't know, I am a senior in college and most (if not all) seniors need to take some sort of capstone class for the entirety of senior year. For nurses that means clinical, for engineers I believe you just call it capstone, education majors student teach, and comm majors (like me) have senior seminar. 

Throughout the course of senior seminar you are attempting to prove a thesis, by researching past data, conducting your own research, and finally presenting it to a board. I am finally done! I presented my thesis to a panel of communications professors, classmates, and juniors who anticipate taking the course next year. 
This semester hit me extra hard, I attempted to fit my class schedule into just two days a week, with a long break midday which I use for writing papers, studying, having lunch, and sending emails. I'm on campus those days from 9am-6:30. On top of that I work four days a week, and have been attending interviews for jobs post graduation. This past month I've been letting the stress just pile on, luckily it hasn't impacted my work, or become noticeable by others, but it has been affecting my self-care routine and in turn making me feel pretty icky. Often when you're faced with such a large project, doing anything outside of that feels like a major task. So I've basically been running on dry shampoo and caffeine. I want to share with you guys a few products I have been using over the past few months that have made it easier to cope with all the stress.