Reverie Farms| A Cruelty Free Review

Good Morninggggg guysss! I have a busy day ahead of me but I am officially done with classes. I have a final or two, and some graduation related things to attend on campus but I am done! I feel so relieved to be done with senior seminar, my presentation went well and my thesis paper is finished and has been handed in. 
While I was in the midst of finishing all my papers I got a lovely package from Reverie Farms & Soaps, a Texas based, family owned farm that makes all natural and organic products. I was lucky enough to receive one of their foaming hand soaps in the scent 'Lemongrass', as well as a Patchouli Orange Soap Bar
Reverie Farms Soaps
I currently have the Lemongrass hand soap in my bathroom and have been loving the scent. I can see this being a lovely soap to keep in a kitchen as well since it is super fresh! Many foaming soaps leave my hands feeling a little dry, but I haven't found that with Reverie's version. According to their site the soap is safe for sensitive skin, vegan friendly, biodegradable, and can even be used in the shower! I think my favorite points about this soap is that it is paraben free and chock full of natural oils. 

Vacation Essentials

Hello everyone! If you're subscribed to my YouTube channel you may know that I have been in Puerto Rico for the past week. I was visiting family and spent a few mornings at the beach. I even vlogged the experience. If you're interested make sure you click through the link I've left of the video below and give it a thumbs up! 👍💕
Today I wanted to share a few reviews of essential vacation items, and also update you on some products I used in the past and how they worked in a different climate. 
Because I'd be about as good a model as this fence.🏄😂
On my first beach day I pulled out a swim suit from AMI Clubwear. (I was kindly sent this in exchange for an honest review.) I received this plaid two piece, which is a dupe for a designer pattern. The sizes definitely run small in this swimsuit, especially with the top. In most swimsuits (for reference I usually purchase mine from Victoria's Secret or Target) I am a medium so I checked the size guide and assumed I would be that size in this swimsuit. I think I would actually be a large, so going one size up is advised. The top unfortunately didn't fit at all, so I swapped out the top in favor of a dark gray halter style I already owned(similar). The two actually paired really nicely together. 
Although I didnt have any issues with it I did notice that the bottoms are unlined, but I think most suits of this price range would be constructed similarly. The stitching seems to be very strong however. Overall I really liked these swim bottoms and would recommend this style for the bottoms alone. I love the pattern and think my beach look was on point that day. 

SIBU Sea Berry Therapy- A Cruelty Free Skincare Review

You guys know that I am always incredibly excited by new skincare products to try out and when SIBU reached out to me about their Himalayan sea buckthorn (sea berry) products I had to give them a whirl. 

According to SIBU's website; 🌊🍓
Sea Berry (sea buckthorn) is a natural product with 1300 years of traditional uses with the modern scientific research to back it up. Our superior processing techniques and our premium and exclusive source of sea berry allow us to create a revolutionary group of beauty products
I received the Omega-7 Support (60 Count), and the Sea Berry Oil (10ml)

I am a huge believer in hair, skin and nail vitamins so I was eager to try these Omega-7 soft gels. I tried to vary when I was beginning to try these vitamins, and the oil to see if I could pinpoint which if any made a difference in my skin, and I have to say I am pretty pleased with these vitamins. I (try to) take 2 of these a day, one in the morning and one before bed. I have found my nails, which frequently break at work, to be less brittle and my hair looks super healthy with less fallout. I'll have to lend some of the thanks to good old H2O because I know I have been trying to drink more lately, but I would like to think my skin has been reacting well to these soft gels too! Yes I am still breaking out (yay stress), but overall my complexion looks more even and breakouts seem to vanish a bit quicker with the use of these vitamins. I am a happy camper thanks to SIBU. 

CBD For Life| Cruelty Free Review (PART 2)

Hi Everyone! Hope you are doing well! You might remember that I reviewed a few CBD for Life products last month, my awesome friend KC over at CBD for Life sent me some more products to try out. (Thanks KC!!) 
CBD For Life
This time I focused on testing out products that I think my fellow college students will enjoy. Working part-time, while being a full-time student, and balancing all of life's other obstacles can sometimes be difficult... just check the sleep app on my phone, I'm sure none of the graphs look consistent. I'm currently in the final stages of my thesis paper, which is part of my majors 'capstone'. It's been stressful, but I am so excited to nearly be finished. This past month has been one of the hardest for me in terms of self care, I wasn't feeling my best and really had to make an effort to put myself first. 
-- I'm thinking of writing a post about self-care for students-- comment below if you would be interested in reading that, it would include a few tips and products that made it easy to pamper myself.