Colour Pop Gel Liner| Cruelty Free Review

Recently, I have been trying out a lot of products that are new to me, and I love sharing them on my blog. In 2014 I lived for the felt tipped eyeliner pen. I was constantly sporting winged liner. This summer I wanted to try something new and a bit more colorful.

I ordered Colour Pop Cosmetic's Gel Liner in the shades Prance and Overboard just to add a bit more vibrancy to my everyday makeup. This is my first purchase from Color Pop and my first time using a gel liner.
My First Color Pop Purchase

My First Time Trying a Sheet Mask| Alba Botanica 'Hawaiian Detox'

Today I tested out the Alba Botanica's Hawaiian Detox Sheet Mask. This is my first time using a sheet mask and I was really excited to find a cruelty free one!

Sheet masks are a product of the Asian skincare market, and while they have some really amazing and innovative products-- if they are sold in China they are (usually) tested on animals. I recently learned that  mandatory testing was lifted on some products, but I still steer away from many Asian products for this reason.

My first thought when applying this mask was that its super saturated, there is no rinsing required after using this mask as it is serum enriched. So that wet feel the mask has is just all that great serum. Most sheet masks are not for my skin type either, so I was excited to find this one.
Mini Haul: Keep An Eye Out For More Reviews

First Impressions of Burts Bees BB Cream

This past weekend I did a bit of drug store makeup shopping after seeing that Burt's Bees released a BB Cream. In the summer months especially I hate caking makeup on my face and have been in search of a cruelty free BB Cream. I attempted filming a little 'get ready with me' style video to show you how it applied, but  photo booth is awful at picking up on skin finishes. 

July Favorites// Mini Haul and Update

I feel like it has been forever since I have written a post, I usually queue my posts a few weeks before to maintain a nice schedule of posts since my work schedule is a little unpredictable. I'm currently sitting in my living room watching MTV's 'The Hills' marathon, this isn't a show I ever got into. I think I was a bit young when it originally aired, but I like having background noise as I work on other things.

One thing I want to announce is that I am now a Barklyn Grace brand ambassador, they are a "pup-branded" apparel company that donates a portion of their proceeds to animal rescues and shelters. Their dog themed products are adorable, and you guys already know from my promo page that I love repping companies with a cause.

Here's a picture of my first purchase from Barklyn Grace, I love the size of this water bottle. I need to focus on drinking more water and I think it'll be easier now that I can take 32oz of it with me at a time! It's on sale currently, but you can use the code 'LUXEBLOG20' for 20% of any of the items on their site.

Another thing that I have been obsessed with is my Bando planner. I love having a well organized planner, especially with the fall semester right around the corner. I haven't had a bando planner before, but so far I really like the design.