One Weekend D.I.Y.

I had plans to take before pictures, but it slipped my mind until I began painting the front of my dresser. So my apologies for not having a true before and after.

Much of my Grandpa's antique and old furniture now lives in my basement. It's been stored there for about six years now. After my Grandfather was hospitalized from a fall he took, he was admitted to a nursing home for physical therapy and rehabilitation. We moved his things out of his apartment and into our home, in the hopes that his stay at the nursing home would be short and we could move him into another apartment in a few months. Unfortunately that didn't happen and my grandfather passed away. Not a day goes by where something doesn't remind me of him, and all the stories and wisdom he passed on to me.

Out of the furniture that he left there was one piece that I always thought was pretty cool. A three drawer dresser, or a chest? I'm not sure, apparently I'm wrong for calling it a dresser... no one else in my family refers to it as such.

Anyway, when my Grandpa lived close by I would often clean his apartment and polish the furniture, this was one of my favorite pieces because it held random knick knacks, vintage photos, a short story my grandpa wrote, letters, and even a typewritten family tree that was written in German. The piece doesn't hold any value aside from sentimental, so I thought it fitting to keep.

Upon graduation next year, I intend to move into an apartment once I find a job. New York apartments tend to be small, as I'm sure they are in most places. But I figured having an extra dresser would be nice for storage. The dresser is pretty solid, and the drawers, although hard to move because of the lack of tracks, are dove tailed (which you just cant find nowadays... at least not in the price range of a college student).
"Before"... after sanding, and partially painted
This whole project was done, with the help of my Dad in two days. This is an easy weekend DIY for any student or apartment dweller on a budget!

The first thing we did was sand the dresser. We used cabinet paint, which doesn't require you to strip the furniture down to bare wood. You simply need to remove any shine or gloss. We sanded some parts down further to try to even out any dents or scratches. This was super easy to do with an electric sander.

Summer Internship| Haul

Now that my internship is complete I feel like I have a bit more time to breath. I really enjoyed interning and getting the chance to show off my editing and design skills. I was able to complete my 120 required hours in about a month, and I'm really happy I worked out my schedule that way. It was a bit difficult to rearrange the hours at my job to accommodate the internship, and it certainly didn't help my wallet but regardless I am happy I now have the rest of the summer to catch up. I would definitely recommend pacing your internship in this manner.

If you're just beginning your time at college or university the idea of an internship might seem daunting. I promise, it's not so scary! Last month I worked for a New York State Assemblyman, and I really enjoyed working in a field I am not overly familiar with. I helped curate a lot of his media posts, created graphics, and edited videos. These are all skills that pertain to my minor, which is New Media.

Your school should have someone to help guide you through the process of obtaining your internship, this person may have connections and reach out to them to help you get those hours, or they may guide you through applying on your own!

You might be asking yourself what is appropriate to wear or what should I bring to my internship, So I have compiled this post to address that.

What's In My Gym Bag?

I made a promise to myself that when the semester ended I would get my butt back to the gym. Last year I enrolled in a kickboxing program at a local gym, and went religiously for months until one day it just became too much with my schedule... not to mention my gym is 20 minutes away. I decided that this summer I would stop making excuses and go back.

A friend recommended this gym to me after she joined and had amazing results, I'm not trying to lose much fat, but rather gain muscle and I think this program helps me do just that... as long as I put the time and effort in. (But kickboxing is a great way to lose weight for those who wish to do so.)

I went back this week and the first class was brutal, but it made me happy to get back in there. I know after a few weeks of training at least 3 times a week I'll start to feel stronger and this will come easier to me. My roundhouse kicks are still on point though.

New Nightly Oil Routine

If you regularly read my blog I'm sure you already know that I am obsessed with Tarte's Brazilliance Self Tanner, it's something that I use regularly throughout the year. It leaves my skin feeling soft, doesn't irritate my skin (even on my face), and it creates a beautiful and natural looking glow.

Recently I have been trying the #BarSoapChallenge--- that's not a real hashtag but it's what I have decided to call the project. To summarize; my boyfriend thinks he knows a bit more about skincare than me so I decided to give his suggestions a try. You can find out if his challenge works here.
A New Addition to my Routine

#TheBarSoapChallenge// Testing my Boyfriend's Bar Soap Theory

My boyfriend likes to give me skincare advice... I love him, but I am very stubborn about my routine. Over the years I have figured out a system that works for me, so I don't really take anyone's advice about what to do for my skin.

I have had acne since I was about 12 years old and I saw a dermatologist from ages 14 to 20. After doing some research recently I read that dairy might be the cause of my skin issues. I gave it a try and have given up dairy, with the exception of a few dinners at friend's houses, and date nights. ---I don't like to dictate what people are cooking, or ordering as appetizers based on a dietary restriction that isn't really going to harm me if I don't stick to it. So once in awhile I cheat on the dairy free alternatives.

After cheating on Daiya twice in one week I suffered from some pretty stubborn breakouts. My boyfriend suggested trying bar soap, since, after all his skin is perfect and that's all he uses. No toners, moisturizers, gel cleansers (which is my standard), or serums.... absolutely nothing else. My boyfriend is blessed with good genes and has clear and relatively normal skin. I on the other hand, as you know, suffer from acne, but also have combination skin.

I was curious about his theory though. When I first started seeing a dermatologist they suggested I use Dove's Beauty Bar (soap) when I cleansed my skin. I never really saw a difference based on that switch alone... but six years later? What the heck?! Lets try it again.

I am currently testing out Tom's Of Maine Daily Moisture Natural Beauty Bar, which is a cruelty free alternative to the Dove one I tried long ago. The bar contains Olive Oil, which is something I usually stay away from with my skin type, as well as Vitamin E. I will come back to this post after a week to talk about the results.
My Tom's Beauty Bar

My Favorites Stores to Shop At

Like many other females I love shopping, but bad service can be such a turn off and really deter me from shopping at a store again in the future. This is a a list I have been compiling for quite awhile, after shopping at these stores numerous times and having wonderful customer service.
A peek into my shopping bag from a day trip during Study Abroad
  • Victoria's Secret
    • This past week I received amazing service at Victoria's Secret. I have an angel card, and  shop there quite regularly.  I am usually a bit overwhelmed by the variety so I like to get an idea of what I'm looking for online first. However, this time I stopped in unexpectedly. The sales women were amazing, I was measured and brought a bunch of different options to try on and I left feeling confident and very happy with my purchases. I also love shopping there during a sale, this week I received a free perfume gift set. Having an angel card is definitely worth it as long as you're responsible, and can pay it off on time. The interest rate is a bit high if you're someone that doesn't pay off your cards right away. Once you reach a certain amount of points on your card you receive gift cards to use towards future purchases, plus you get perks when shopping online! 
  • Alex & Ani
    • On Long Island collecting Alex & Ani bracelets is a pastime, seriously I'm pretty sure all my friends own at least one and I have been gifted them on numerous occasions. I have mentioned this on the blog before, if I remember correctly, but for my 20th birthday my boyfriend bought me a beautiful Alex & Ani necklace. A few months ago the chain broke and I'm pretty sentimental about gifts, so I was bummed that it was broken. Since the chain slides I didn't think I would be able to fix it at a local jeweler so I contacted Alex & Ani's customer service instead. The process was incredibly easy, I just had to fill out a form and send a picture of the broken chain, and they sent me a new one! I highly recommend shopping with Alex & Ani. 

June Favorites// Update and Mini Haul

I really want to get back into beauty blogging, a lot of my posts recently have been based on other topics, and while I'm so happy and blessed that I was able to travel this year cruelty free beauty is something I am passionate about and love to write about. I am hoping to bring more of that back to this site.

I have been chatting with a few companies, and hopefully I will have some fun new posts coming up.

In practically every post this month I have been saying how busy my schedule is, however I am now in the final days of my internship. I have had a lot of fun editing, and creating social media content for my boss but in truth it has been rough trying to balance everything. I am happy to be getting back into coaching golf this month, and putting more hours into my job as well as this blog.

If you read my last post you would have seen that I have been testing out some new (to me) products from SunBum. As promised I would like to let you know my thoughts on those.

I have only been to the beach twice this month, and since I am awful at applying sunscreen I have also been sunburned twice. Having some sort of aloe treatment on hand in the summer is vital. Last month I picked up Sun Bum's "Cool Down" spray. This product contains aloe and cucumber extract to help soothe irritation. I am actually really happy with this product. I use it after showering to restore moisture to otherwise dry and sun damaged skin. I found the product to be hydrating and soothing. I also love the light cucumber scent.
My Mini Haul