What's In My Beach Bag Featuring Bohemian Island (+ New Cruelty Free Finds!)

Summer is finally here, and I was so excited to visit the beach this weekend! After realizing that I had run out of most of the sun products I had left over from last summer, I decided to try out some new things. I wanted to share my haul with you, since all of my products are cruelty free! 

I also reached out to a company called Bohemian Island earlier this year, and was lucky enough to receive a pair of their shorts. I'm so happy to finally be able to wear them, now that the weather has warmed up. Bohemian Island is an awesome company, not only is their clothing super comfy, but they stand for such a great cause! They donate 10% of their proceeds to the Soi Dog Foundation, which is an organization that rescues and cares for thousands of stray dogs and cats in Thailand. I own these super cute shorts, and am so happy to be spreading the word about such a great brand. 
My 'Hansa Elephant' Shorts

An Overpackers Guide to Packing

If you're anything like me, chances are you are excited by the idea of adventure and stuff everything you could possibly need into your checked luggage. Well I realized how ridiculous that was during my trip to Ireland. I brought an extra pair of shoes (that I never got to wear), a swim suit and cover up dress (even though I never went to the pool), hair appliances, extra product, and about three days of clothes extra. Had I not packed so much I think I would've felt more comfortable bringing home  more souvenirs. I was very conservative when shopping because I was concerned about things not fitting in my bag.

After going to Ireland I learned what I did and didn't need when packing, so I thought I would make a checklist for both my readers and my future self.

Traveling to the Emerald Isle

Last month I posted about creating an easy to travel with wedding outfit, with an announcement that I would be going to Ireland for a wedding.

I had the exciting opportunity to be able to visit Ireland last month. Ireland is a country that I had wanted to see for sometime. When I studied abroad in London, England I aimed to travel to some nearby countries, but it never happened. 

Ireland is a place I have always wanted to go, since hearing the story of my great, great grandmother who travelled in steerage to Ellis Island from County Kerry. I wasn't able to visit Kerry this time around, but I'm hoping to return in the future. 

I had so much fun traveling to Trim, with my boyfriend's family. We were guests at his cousin's wedding, which was beautiful. It was my first time attending an Irish wedding. 
A view of the countryside in Trim

During our week abroad, we also visited Dublin for a day, and traveled to areas surrounding Trim for the wedding. Being a passenger in Ireland was scary enough with the narrow roads, and roundabouts; I can only imagine actually driving there.
The Temple Bar area of Dublin

May Favorites

Hello everyone! It feels like finals just ended, but its almost June already! This month I have been training at my new job as well as interviewing for what will be my second internship, which I hope to be taking during the fall semester.

Next month I will begin my summer internship and honestly I am very excited for the 9-5, but I have been trying to take it easy on the few days I have to myself. I picked up my knitting needles the other morning and much to my surprise, I still remember how to use them! Here are some other activities and miscellaneous nonsense I have been loving this month.

  1. Netflix
    • Ok, it's the obvious favorite of every college student. This month I have specifically been loving  MadMen, Dexter, and Bob's Burgers for when I need something lighthearted. 
  2. "Hello Life
    • +Marcus Butler, an English YouTube star, debuted his healthy lifestyle (and intro to adult life) book a few months ago. I bought it when it first became available and although it is a very quick read I found it has some great tips. With such a hectic school and work schedule I haven't been able to read as much as I would like, but I loved flipping through Marcus' book in my spare time. 
  3. Pura Vida Bracelets
    • You might already know this but I love Pura Vida! They're an accessory company that help create jobs in Costa Rica for artisans. I have been wearing this bracelet the most this month, but they just unveiled new rose gold styles and I am in love! I am a campus rep for Pura Vida, so if you decide to make a purchase from this awesome company, remember to use the code 'PATTIANN20' for 20% off. Keep on eye out for limited edition bracelets as well, I was able to snag a really cute one for my mom on Mother's Day.
  4. Purple & Gray 
    • When I first started my blog purple was my main accent color... It still is, but if you have been following me for a few months you will notice I underwent a huge change as far as theme and graphics. I created all my own graphics using an online design site and I really love them! 
    • I love them so much that I carried the theme into my bedroom. Late last month my room was in need of a new coat of paint so I decided on purple, and all my accent pieces are gray. Since I am now entering my senior year of college, and hope to be moving closer to wherever I obtain a job I wanted the accent pieces in my room to be very neutral since I will be moving with most of it. I went with gray because I do not currently have a vision of how I want my future apartment to be decorated. I am really liking the cool tones, as a change from my formerly spring yellow walls.
  5. Trader Joes Cookie Butter
    • Oh cookie butter, something I have heard about for so long but never ventured to try. Cookie Butter is a spread sold at Trader Joe's Grocery Stores, it is basically cookies crushed up and made into a spread equivalent to peanut butter. I have been loving this spread as a dip for apples and spread on whole grain waffles.
What have you all been loving this past month? Let me know in the comments. <3