Summer Wedding Packing Guide

This month I am fortunate enough to be traveling to Ireland for a wedding. I have not been to Ireland yet so I'm so excited to be going on this trip. As the trip is nearing I have been considering what I will be wearing on that day, I have already chosen my dress, which is pictured below, and now I am considering the details like hair and makeup.

I bought this gorgeous pastel blue skater dress for the wedding, it's not as formal as dresses I have worn for special occasions in the past but I like that I can potentially dress it down. I love the scalloped edges and the length is perfect. Unfortunately I do have to get the waist altered, but I ordered the wrong size haha.

I plan on wearing black or nude pumps to the wedding, I think nude would look better, But I plan on bringing a black cardigan, so I feel either would work.

As for hair I'm considering curling it and wearing it down, I'm not entirely sure that this will be doable the day off because I don't know if that morning will be hectic. If I am unable to curl it I will most likely braid my bangs back and create sort of a crown, leaving the rest straight.

I am loving the idea of neutrals and pastels together and plan on painting my nails another shade of pastel (lavender or maybe mint?), or just nude. I want to keep my makeup very neutral, yet dewy for a fresh spring look. I plan on wearing false lashes on the day of the wedding, I was kindly sent a few sets of Flawless Fleur Lashes, which are cruelty free mink lashes. (I will be reviewing these next month, stay tuned!)

Summer Wedding Guide by simplyluxeblog featuring Steve Madden

I'll link some additional products and accessories that I feel go with this look, Im currently on the hunt for a good cruelty free nail polish, any suggestions?

As always thanks for reading! <3 


  1. I looooveee that you support cruelty free products! Me too!

    I also recently started eating 100% vegan and loving it!

    1. That's awesome Katya! I'm always so happy to hear of other people who are striving to use solely cruelty free products too!


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