Adventures in "Adulting"; Home Organization Tips for the 20 something

For the past few months I've been kicking my organizing into high gear. I've always loved organizing, but as I've gotten older I have found what really works best for me and my lifestyle. Organizing my life is especially important at this time because before I know it I'll be moving out on my own, graduation is a little over a year away and doing all of this little by little is going to save me a lot of stress when it comes time to move.

One of the most important things to keep organized, and where I suggest beginning is your closet. I feel so much better when I'm able to get up in the morning and go straight to my outfit, I know where everything is, and it makes my morning go a lot smoother. My closet, although not perfect, is pretty functional for me and what I need it to be right now. All my dresses are together, cardigans, button downs, hoodies, tanks and tops. Each item of clothing is hung with it's family, for lack of better terms, this way I know exactly where to look. I still feel as if I could weed out quite a bit, but I made a huge dent over winter intercession. I donated anything I haven't worn in the past year, and consolidated my wardrobe.

Since my closet isn't very large I decided to move my shoes outside my closet and they are now displayed on a tiered shelf. I bought mine at Target and put it together with the help of my dad. I really like how it looks and it's inspired me to get rid of any ratty old sneakers, since they're now all on display. I also recommend these scarf hangers, since they come in a pack of two I used one for scarfs and the other for causal handbags, It's a real space saver to have all your bags off of your shelves. To match I picked up some non-slip hangers, picking up tops from your closet floor is a thing of the past. The last two items I see as essential for any closet is a set of drawers, and a sweater organizer. I have this set of drawers on the floor of my closet and use it to hold workout clothes and bottoms that aren't hung up, like jeans and leggings. I like this so much more than keeping my jeans in my dresser... They used to be crammed in with my t-shirts and it was impossible to find the pair I wanted. This sweater organizer is also great for folded items. The bottom few shelves hold my shorts, and the top shelves hold my sweaters.

As for my dresser, I went through the drawers and donated all the tops that I hadn't worn in ages. There are a few things I set aside and posted on an app (save $10 when you sign up with code BJLEO), which is especially great for college students, you get to make a bit of money back on those items you thought would be a staple in your wardrobe... and well, haven't. I have all my tops neatly folded and spread out between two drawers. Another drawer hold undergarments, and for this I strongly suggest drawer organizers.... It just makes it was easier to find that other sock haha. I use a larger one to hold all my swimsuits, and another to hold fuzzy slipper socks, which I keep with my pajamas. Everything has a place, and I can honestly say it's less daunting to find an outfit now.

I could probably go on and on about organizing all day so I think I'll stop here. If you'd like to see more organization tips leave me a comment below, or leave me some of your tips! Maybe in the future I'll post about makeup organization or how I've cleaned up my craft supplies! Until then, here is a widget with some of the items I've talked about above, along with other home organization items that I think would be useful!

A bit imperfect, but neat.

A Closer Look 



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