Adventures in "Adulting"; Home Organization Tips for the 20 something

For the past few months I've been kicking my organizing into high gear. I've always loved organizing, but as I've gotten older I have found what really works best for me and my lifestyle. Organizing my life is especially important at this time because before I know it I'll be moving out on my own, graduation is a little over a year away and doing all of this little by little is going to save me a lot of stress when it comes time to move.

One of the most important things to keep organized, and where I suggest beginning is your closet. I feel so much better when I'm able to get up in the morning and go straight to my outfit, I know where everything is, and it makes my morning go a lot smoother. My closet, although not perfect, is pretty functional for me and what I need it to be right now. All my dresses are together, cardigans, button downs, hoodies, tanks and tops. Each item of clothing is hung with it's family, for lack of better terms, this way I know exactly where to look. I still feel as if I could weed out quite a bit, but I made a huge dent over winter intercession. I donated anything I haven't worn in the past year, and consolidated my wardrobe.

Pura Vida Bracelets

Aloha Vibes from the Pura Vida Insta
Staying true to the theme of my blog, I wanted to talk about accessories with a purpose today. Pure Vida bracelets probably isn't a new name to many of my readers if you're already adamant in purchasing from ethical brands. I became a rep for the brand this summer and recently reapplied for the winter! My rep code is 'PattiAnn20' if you're interested in the brand and their gorgeous merchandise. That code will also score you 20% so you can buy beautiful bracelets, cosmetic bags, anklets and hair accessories.

Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

I've been trying to post consistently on Friday's however Valentine's Day is this Sunday so I wanted to give you lovely ladies a few ideas before date night. These outfits are super affordable and feature a few of my favorite shops. Hope you enjoy! 

I've yet to dress up my Elephant Pants since I usually wear them to class or casually on weekends, but I love this crop top combo! The straps are adjustable and don't dig into my shoulders like some straps tend to. The top is the perfect length for me since I don't like leaving a lot of skin showing between my top and the waist of my skirt or pants. This outfit also looks cute with a cardigan thrown on top.

I will most likely be wearing the first outfit this year, dressing it down a bit with a hoodie and the Bethany style UGGs in black, this way I'll be cute and comfy for dinner and a movie. :) 

As for makeup I plan on sticking to neutral shades for the eyes, but dressing it up with metallics, possibly a smoky taupe color. On the lips I plan to keep it simple with Dior Addict Lip Maximizer. I'm loving the dual face palette from NARS featuring Laguna(bronzer) and Orgasm(blush) for my contour and cheeks. Please note that Nars is cruelty free, but I made the mistake of not checking out Dior before making my purchase earlier today and unfortunately they do test on animals. I will be looking for an alternative in the future.

I'd love to know what your doing this Valentine's Day and what you plan on wearing. Please leave a comment below. <3 

January Favorites

As per (new) tradition, since my blog is still fairly new, I wanted to share my January favorites with you. 
Every week I try to set aside at least one night (sometimes I need two, last semester was stressful) to relax and unwind. 

This past week I tried a Hask, or hair mask. I tried the coconut oil one and I was very impressed! My hair has never felt softer, and my ends look amazing! I ended up using the whole packet in one use. I figured since my hair is thick and my ends are a bit damaged that that would be wise, however, I could've probably gotten two uses out of one sachet. I feel as if this might be the reason I have had less fallout in the past week. 

For Christmas I received a WoodWick candle (linked below) and I absolutely loved the scent, the wick sounds like a fireplace so it only added to the relaxing atmosphere. 

Another favorite of mine and something I think is essential for any college student, especially in the northeast is fleece lined leggings. I wear these almost everyday in the winter, they are so much warmer than regular leggings and I even think they're warmer than my jeans. 

As soon as I get home from class I try to take my makeup off, finding makeup removing wipes that are cruelty free was a little challenging, I read quite a few packets before settling on Dickinson's witch hazel wipes. My skin feels so much better once I get my foundation off and the witch hazel is really great for my pores.

Another favorite of mine is NATU shampoo and conditioner, I bought a trial pack during my last trip to Target and I will definitely be back for more! My hair has never felt so light and nourished. Having thick and long hair, its kind of annoying to take care of but NATU has made my hair feel amazing and I almost enjoy shampooing now. I never thought I would say that, especially in the winter.
A bit of my favorite haircare

My favorite chapstick at the moment is from Burt's Bees, which keep in mind- is a cruelty free company, but their parent company is Clorox which I don't believe is cruelty free. The ultra conditioning formula does just what it promises and I've had this in my coat pocket all month.

My last favorite for the month of January is my coloring book, I'll admit I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to sit down and utilize it. However I know I'll have this beautiful book for a long time. The particular version I have is inspired by wallpaper patterns and is very symmetrical. I might even consider using a few pages as wall art.

Last but not least